Throwing at a Moving Target

I had been thinking about doing this throw for awhile, but haven’t done anything about it until now. I was making it more difficult than it needed to be. I had an idea that the block needed to be mounted on a board so it wouldn’t spin and the board needed to be mounted a certain way, etc… too much trouble!! Finally, Night-Hawk and I decided to do a simple test to see if it was worth the effort to proceed with the plan. I happened to have a chain hanging from a tree limb that was used for one of those 1-man hammock chair swing things. That seemed like a perfect place for our test. We then simply nailed a short section of  chain to the Sycamore target block and attached it to the main chain with an S-hook That’s it! We then let it rip and let the ‘hawks fly. It was a blast. I even stuck a few ‘hawks from 2 and 3 rotations with the block swinging. After doing this test we decided that the set-up need not be any more complicated than this. We came up with several ideas for various competitive games to use with the moving target that we are going to try out. Mean time, give this a try, you will really enjoy it! Now have fun!

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