This is the bag I use to carry my ‘hawks in. One of those tool bag things I picked up at the hardware store. Sometimes I will have up to 10 ‘hawks in there at a time. Since this bag has canvas sides I knew that I needed something to put on the ‘hawk blades to protect the bag. I had previously picked up a leather sheath at a recent NMLRA shoot from a vendor but I wasn’t satisfied that this was my answer. It didn’t fit my ‘hawk very well and I needed at least 10 of them. Yes, I admit that a nice leather sheath fits in perfectly with the whole atmosphere of ‘hawk throwing and all that. In fact if you are going to be carrying one around on your belt or are a re-enactor then yes, get a nice leather sheath. However, my main gig is throwing and I needed something compact so it wouldn’t take any extra space in my bag, and it had to be cheap. The answer, “Sharp-Shields”. Very simple to make and inexpensive too. I picked up a 25’ roll of 1/4″ I.D. stiff plastic water tubing. It comes in a roll it and has a natural curve to it that matches the curve of the blade. I believe this roll cost me about $5 and is enough to cover more ‘hawk blades than I will ever have. I simply cut a section slightly longer than the blade with a razor knife then carefully slice through one wall length wise on the concave side with the same razor knife. Then I force each tip of a 10″ bungee cord through the ends. The bungees comes in a pack of ten or so for about $4. There you have it. Very low profile and cheap blade covers. Not as sexy as leather but does the exact job I need.




Friendly Competition

Using the NMLRA targets

This past week end, the TomahawkGuys had another great time throwing the ‘hawks. The weather was a little cooler than normal but that only made the campfire feel even better. We played around for awhile throwing for distance, where “Night-Hawk” nailed another 6 rotation throw, before we settled down to a game of “Around-the-World”, then moved on to using the NMLRA paper targets as pictured above.

4 1/2 and 7

We have been getting in a lot of good ‘hawk throwing lately. With the cooler autumn weather we have been having a nice campfire going next to the target range. Doesn’t get much better than that! On this particular day we were inspired to try for some new benchmarks. Here are a couple pics of “Night-Hawk” showing a new personal best in the “half-throws” with a 4 1/2 rotation stick. He also sticks one from 7 full rotations out again!

“Night-Hawk” with a 4 1/2 rotation stick
“Bulls-Eye” from 7 rotations


Yesterday was a great day to be outside. It was picture perfect with bright sunshine, just right temperature and colorful autumn leaves. A good day to invite some friends to the TomahawkGuys main target range for a little ‘Hawktoberfest action. Among those were a few folks who got to throw a tomahawk for the first time. I recently built a couple extra portable stands and it was an opportunity to use them to set up 5 throwing lanes so there wasn’t a line of people waiting to throw. I knew all those extra targets laying around would come in handy for a time like this.

5 Throwing Lanes

Here is a picture of some of the younger folks enjoying themselves learning to master the throws. For most it was their first or second time throwing but, like most people, they caught on fast. At one point one of them told me he stuck 66 throws in a row, and this was his first day throwing! It was hard to break them away even at supper time. The lure of brats and metts grilled over the open hickory wood fire was barely enough to get them to stop.

Youngsters enjoying “Hawktoberfest”
“Gentlemen (and ladies), choose your weapons”


New Target Setup

Here we are with Steve, one of the original “TomahawkGuys.” We got together on this autumn Sunday afternoon to finish setting up his new target block and to do a little throwing of course. He now has a 32″ diameter Tulip Poplar block on his “camo” portable target stand. We also marked it up in the “TomahawkGuys” 7″ square pattern so that it is useful for “Around-the-World” and “tic-tac-toe” games, both of which are very fun to play. Also, pictured is one of his daughters who enjoys throwing hawks too! His hawk of choice is Beaver Bill’s Thin Line model.

Go Steve!
Nice Throw

New Distance Record

Just a few weeks after “Night-Hawk” set a new distance record for the TomahawkGuys at 96′-3″ with a 7 rotation throw, I, “Bat-Hawk” surpassed that with my own 7 rotation throw from 98′. Amazing thing is that we both stuck the ‘hawk on our third attempts at the distance. That is one “heckuva” heave to get the tomahawk all the way down there to the target block. Too bad we don’t have video of these throws, we are going to try to get some video of all the different throws that we do one of these days. I do have a couple crumby snapshots of what the target block looks like from 98′ and closer shot of the hawk in the block from the 98’ throw. This block is a 33″ diameter piece of Tulip Poplar. And the ‘hawk is a BB Thin Line.

Target 98 feet away
Hawk “stick” from 7r at 98 feet