The TomahawkGuys are located in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and our site is dedicated to providing information for those interested in the sport of Tomahawk Throwing. Most of it comes from the personal experience of us, the TomahawkGuys! Oh, we also like to throw Axes now and then too.
Who are the TomahawkGuys?

Hey, I’m Ron a.k.a Bat-Hawk because I have a custom built Beaver Bill hawk that looks like a bat wing, at least I think it does. Oh and in the interest of full disclosure, you might notice some of the pictures here are dang similar to what you see over at Beaver Bill’s. Well, that is because I like his hawks so much I helped him build a new web-site! Do yourself a favor and check out his stuff.

All photos and content on this site are original works unless otherwise noted. PLEASE DO NOT COPY. Any unauthorized use is a violation of Federal Copyright Laws. TomahawkGuys.com website content is Copyright © 2022 Ron Rack for TomahawkGuys.com.


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