3 Rotation Tomahawk Throw

Here is a short video showing a simple 3 rotation tomahawk throw from a viewpoint close to the target block. As always with any tomahawk throw it is critical to develop a consistent throw and release cycle to have a repeatable throw. Then it is just a matter of placing yourself at the proper distance from the target depending on the number of rotations being attempted. It is usually about 5 steps further away for each successive increase in rotations.


Moving Target Teaser

One of my favorite ways to enjoy the tomahawk is to throw it at a moving target. This target is spinning also while moving so one must anticipate when the face of the target will present itself along with tracking the arc. This is definitely a more advanced throw as your success rate sticking any particular throw will plummet as compared to throwing at a static target. Also, more likely to damage your handle etc. I always recommend throwing from 2 rotations out so to keep a safe distance from the target as it is possible to have ricochets or unpredictable bounces. Have fun but use caution!

4 Tomahawks-2 Targets-1 Throw

I have never tried this before so I thought it was time to give it a go. I used 2 BeaverBill Mouse ‘Hawks in my left hand and 2 BeaverBill Mighty Mouse ‘Hawks in my right hand. I was not sure they would have the same rotation due to different head weight and handle length but it worked out fine anyway. The hardest part was getting a stable grip on the tomahawks so they wouldn’t shift around in my hand as I threw them. Next, I gotta’ see if I can do this at 2 rotations!