How not to throw an axe!

Here is a short video showing what can happen when you don’t stick the throw. We are testing the Precision Axe Razor throwing axe here, These are very nice axes for competitive axe throwing which generally are limited to 1 rotation throws. However, I like to do distance throwing with my axes as I do with my tomahawks but one must be aware that this behavior will lead to much experience gained in replacing handles! I have stuck axes at 3 rotations but I am not strong enough to get the axe far enough to get to the target at 4 rotations so I enlisted the help of a much younger friend. In the video we see that we got him sticking at 3 rotations but at 4 he struggles a bit also and the handle takes a devastating hit on a lower target. He likely would have been able to eventually stick at that distance but our Precision Axe head is rendered useless. I was able to repair the head enough to use again but the eye was warped and is not quite the same as new. So pros and cons: I believe that a typical cast axe head probably could sustain that blow without damaging the head… maybe. If not, the eye would likely crack thus ruining the cast head. The Precision Axe uses plate steel that is welded and the plates that form the eye are somewhat soft and pliable made worse by the fact that the logo is laser cut into one side of the eye further weakening it. On the other hand I was able to bend the eye in a vise back into a useable shape and with a new handle all is good again!

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