The Shark (?)


Although this isn’t exactly a tomahawk you might find it interesting. I had this huge meat cleaver thing hanging around ever since… it actually was from my grandparent’s farm when they used to do hog butchering. We are talking early to mid 1900s. This thing is rather massive and heavy with the blade up to 1/2 inch thick! Anyway, I thought it might be a bit more interesting, and easier to handle if we removed some of the blade turning it into a more formidable looking tool. I made a rough sketch on the blade and went off to visit Beaver Bill.


With a little slicing and dicing and grinding and polishing by Beaver Bill the new shape starts to become reality!


A little sanding and smoothing on the handle and I believe the finished piece is certainly a conversation starter!


Maybe it looks a little like a… shark?




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