Around the World

One of our favorite games to play with the throwing tomahawk is “Around the World.” We start with sticking in the upper left corner, then move to the upper right corner, lower right corner, lower left corner, then the left center square followed by the top center square, right center square, bottom center square, then the middle to finish. As long as you make a clean stick in the appropriate square you continue to throw. If you miss that square or hit the line then you forfeit your turn and the next player throws. On your next turn you pick up attempting to stick the same square as you missed on your previous turn. First person to throw around the world wins. If a player still has a turn left when another player finishes the around the world cycle then that player can throw to see if they can finish out also. If the game ends in a tie then an appropriate tie breaker can be used.

To play Around the World it is best to have a rather large block of 30″ minimum in order to fit all the markings on. The one pictured above is about 32″ in diameter.  We make a 21″ square centered on the target block. That square is divided into nine 7″ squares as pictured above. If your block is not at least 30″ all the markings will not fit on there. You could still mark your target as shown in the picture below leaving off the larger outside square marking. The only difference is that the outside “squares” might have the corners cut off and would be a little harder to play on than with a big target. This game also has the added benefit of making your wood block last longer as you are not always throwing at the center of the block but trying to stick in the outer edges also. This really helps to develop your aim better than always throwing for the center.


Double-Hand, Double-Target Tomahawk Throw

This throw is very similar to a previous video where I used a knife and a tomahawk. This time I am using two Beaver Bill Mighty Mouse-‘Hawks and I am throwing at two different targets about eight feet apart. Both tomahawks are thrown at the same time. I noticed some strain in both shoulders from throwing out away from my body. A normal single ‘hawk throw would have the arm motion come slightly or maybe even a lot across the body. Throwing out from the body is not a normal motion I think.  Just another throw to try if you have some tomahawks. If not, get going, you are missing out on tons of fun!

Double-Hand Throw, ‘Hawk & Knife

This throw uses both the new “Short Throwing Knife” from Beaver Bill and an early model “Mighty Mouse-Hawk”, also from Beaver Bill. Both Implements are thrown at the same time and at the same target. I am getting better at throwing with my left hand as I sustained some minor right shoulder injury and have been throwing a lot from the left while that heals. There are all kinds of techniques and challenges such as this that makes tomahawk throwing very fun and enjoyable. If you don’t have a tomahawk, go get one, gather some friends and enjoy your new hobby.