The Mighty Mouse Hawk Hammer Poll


I recently added a new tomahawk model to my collection. It is a Mighty Mouse Hawk Hammer Poll made by Beaver Bill. As you may know from an earlier post, I collaborated with Beaver Bill in the design of the original Mighty Mouse Hawk and this hammer poll is roughly based on that model. It is a similar size and shape as the Mighty Mouse with the addition of the hammer poll that is welded on to the back of the head. Beaver Bill already has another Hammer Poll model that he produces that is made the more traditional way in that it is forged entirely from one piece of steel. This way this new model is produced will allow him to offer this at a lower price point. From my point of view, this model with the forge marks left on and the plain hickory handle and lower price will get more use as I am not afraid of taking this out and throwing it and using it. What I mean is that Beaver Bill’s other Hammer Poll model is so dang nice looking I would not want to mess it up by using it! Anyway, since my main interest is throwing tomahawks, I never really imagined what I would do with a hammer poll. It turns out that this hawk throws just as good as any other tomahawk that I have. The main difference is that it has some extra weight that it is carrying but that also provides more mass to the hawk and the blade tends to stick fairly deep, with a satisfying thud when it hits the block. The hammer poll might be a good choice for campers who need a tomahawk that is more versatile and can not only chop some fire sticks but also hammer in tent stakes. I really like the solid feel that this hawk has and am really happy with its performance as a throwing hawk too.

Mighty Mouse Hammer Poll with original Mighty Mouse Hawk
Mighty Mouse Hawk Hammer Poll with original Mighty Mouse Hawk
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