Primitive Pentathlon Variations


We took advantage of some early spring nice weather this past Sunday by playing a round of the “Primitive Pentahlon.” We were not at the main TomahawkGuys range where we have archery targets so we had to substitute more ‘hawk throwing in place of bows and arrows.

The events we contested yesterday were:

  • 1 rotation tomahawk throw
  • 2 rotation tomahawk throw
  • 3 rotation tomahawk throw
  • 1 rotation axe throw
  • 1 rotation mini ‘hawk throw

We each have 10 throws per event and score by using the concentric circle markings with 5 points being maximum for each throw. So, 50 points for each event or 250 points maximum to get a perfect score. We started with the 1 rotation hawk then 2 and 3, then the axe and finished up with the mini-‘hawk. This is the first time we used the mini-‘hawk for any serious throwing at a usual target block. I wasn’t even sure I could use the mini for throwing at a wood target until a couple weeks ago. Turns out to be kinda’ like throwing darts except with a rotation! Lots of fun indeed.

Extracting the Mini
The Axe Man Cometh



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