The Upside Tomahawk Throw

Here is another new throwing video friends. You might notice this video looks a little different from my previous ones. That is because we had a guest videographer create this one. It was produced surreptitiously by Steve’s son! Steve is one of the founding members of The Tomahawkguys and his 12 year old son took it upon himself to produce this video. He showed it to me the other night and I was impressed enough by the effort and result that I thought I would put it on the site here. After all it features a throw that we haven’t demonstrated yet, an underhand throw. I personally don’t throw many “under handers” but several of my tomahawk buddies do including Steve’s son. So enjoy the video and give this “Underhand Upside” throw a try!


Flying Tomahawks!

Hi all you TomahawkGuys. I thought I would share a really cool video that I just came across recently. Maybe some of you have seen this. Anyway, this guy builds all kinds of boomerangs including ones that are shaped like TOMAHAWKS! Yes that’s right and axes too, several designs like these. Check out the video below to see how well they fly. Check out his website HERE.

Snow Bound

This winter, 2014, has been  a rough one around most parts of the USA. Some of you may be tempted to stay inside and cozy up to the fireplace but I want to remind you to get outside any opportunity you have to get the ‘hawks out and let them fly. This past weekend wasn’t quite so cold around here, OK it was still below freezing but I am getting used to it by now. We went to visit the big tomahawk range and though the snow wasn’t real deep we knew we wouldn’t be able to get back the driveway so a little hike was in order. It turns out that the targets were in pretty good shape and the tomahawks were sticking rather well. Fortunately the snow was rather crusty so the hawks didn’t bury themselves in case we missed(!) the target.



This past Christmas I was surprised by a very appropriate gift that my son-in-law gave to me. He asked his brother if he would be able to make a custom “mini-tomahawk” that he could give to me as a present. His brother is very talented when it comes to building things and thought that would be a possibility. You see he already had been making his own throwing knives, so this wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. What he came up with is very cool and I was pretty excited about it.  I just needed to figure out what to do with it. It doesn’t quite have the mass to stick in wood, well it might stick in a very soft wood such as cottonwood, but I thought it would be perfect for throwing indoors. The best thing that I have come up with so far as a target is a 2 inch thick piece of pink foam insulation panels. These do work great but are not very durable and the mini-tomahawk can do major damage to the target after just a couple hours of use.  For the time being though it is my target of choice and throwing the mini-tomahawk is great fun, especially with friends! I may be able to convince our builder to make more of these to offer for sale if there is enough interest. Let me know if any of you would have an interest in getting your own mini-tomahawk and I will pass along the information!

Mini_Hawk-compared to full size hawks