Another 8 Rotation Throw

Standing by my 8 rotation throw

It was a good weekend throwing for the TomahawkGuys, we hope you are out there having as much fun as we are with the ‘hawks! We are continuing to field test the new Beaver Bill Mighty Mouse Hawk. NightHawk (Patrick) was using the only  MMHawk that we have and came away feeling pretty good about it by the time we were finished. He wanted to test it out for distance throwing and worked his way back through all the rotations up to his current 7 rotation personal best. He then successfully stuck a nice 7 rotation with the Mighty Mouse Hawk, the only time he has ever stuck a 7 using something other than his favorite BB Thin Line hawk. I was also throwing for distance and we worked our way back through the rotations simultaneously since we have 2 target blocks set up together. NightHawk was using the “production” Mighty Mouse Hawk so I used my 2 Mighty Mouse prototypes that I have. I wasn’t really planning on doing a lot of distance throwing but I was feeling pretty good about my throws and sticking all the rotations in relatively few attempts even sticking the 6 on my first attempt. Got through the 7 and decided to give the 8 a few tries. I missed the first four attempts and was ready to give it up but decided to give it a couple more throws. I was throwing 2 attempts at a time since I have the 2 prototypes and I threw and missed the fifth attempt but managed to get a nice stick on the 6th! I was pretty happy about that since NightHawk was there to witness the throw and it ended up being a technically better stick than my previous 8 rotation throw just not quite as close to the center this time. We measured the distance and it came in about 108″ 3″ almost the same as my other 8 rotation.

Throwing from 8 rotation distance 108′ 3″
Clean Stick from 8 rotations