You can’t have too big of a target

That is pretty much the motto that the TomahawkGuys live by. Especially true if you like to throw for distance but also for closer in as it keeps from having too many errant throws. When I am introducing ‘hawk throwing to a newbie, a large target is very handy also. In general, size matters! Recently, when we moved our target blocks to their winter range we switched out one of the older targets with a new, even larger block. I remember when we first started out we were using a small pine log section maybe 18″ in diameter. We really didn’t realize how pitiful this was as we were having fun learning to throw. We were maybe sticking only 40, 50 or 60% of the throws! How times have changed. We have since gotten very serious about finding good targets. This is maybe the most overlooked aspect of tomahawk throwing. It is easy to find and buy a tomahawk to throw, but finding a large target is a serious quest. We have spent a lot of time and effort in searching out and acquiring a stash of nice targets. It is actually an on-going process but once you have a nice target it should last awhile depending on how often you throw. The picture below shows one of the targets we are using now compared to the actual first target that we had. Quite a difference.

Size Comparison

Another picture shows just how large this target is. That is a yard stick trying to stretch all the way across the face. I would say the average diameter of this section is about 37″. It is a piece of Sycamore that we acquired when another friend noticed that his neighbor across the street was cutting down this massive tree in his yard. We told the guy what we wanted and he agreed to save a few pieces of the trunk for us. We were able to get 4 target blocks from him. The sad thing is that many people consider Sycamore a junk tree with no timber value so the whole rest of the tree was hauled away to a dump!!

The VLT (Very Large Target)

Also notice that we have our standard TomahawkGuys markings on this target. As much fun as randomly throwing and sticking a ‘hawk in the target block is, everyone agrees that actually playing games or competing amplifies your enjoyment of ‘hawk throwing. With these markings we can use the circles to score accurate throws from 2 or 3 or more rotations away. We use the squares to play “Around-the-World” or “Tic-Tac-Toe.” You can also download our “Paper Targets” to staple on the target face too. When you get a target block make sure to mark it up or use the paper targets and start keeping score!


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