TomahawkGuys on the Road

In the middle of October I ventured to Minneapolis to celebrate the Baptism of my first Grandchild!! My Son-In-Law is from that area and he and my daughter live there to be close to his family. Previously, we had set up some target blocks in their yard. Recently, his father and younger brothers became interested and have set up a range in their yard also. Not only that but one of his brothers has taken up making his own throwing knives! He had about 15 already when I visited there. During the party we were able to step out and throw a few hawks, dodging the spotty rain that been falling all day. I took a couple quick snaps of one of the brothers of my son-in-law. Who ever said that throwing tomahawks couldn’t be a formal event?


These next photos show the range-in-progress at my son in-law’s family’s backyard. It also shows the “arsenal” that they currently have, 7 tomahawks, including 6 Beaver Bill Thin line, and about 15 knives! At this time they do not have any large log sections so they are using a stack of logs cut from a downed Pine tree. Not only are they using the end faces from the logs but they have ripped a couple log sections in half and have some long skinny targets. This demonstrates that even though there might not be any huge trees around to get a large target from, you can usually come up with something to get you started.

Target set-up
Quite an arsenal


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