Learning to Throw a Knife

This video presents some of my thoughts after using my new Beaver Bill Throwing Knife. I have resisted getting a throwing knife for a long while. Some of my “throwing” buddies have on occasion brought their knives to our range but they use those thin, light weight throwing knives. Those have never really appealed to me so I thought it might be a good idea to pick up a Beaver Bill Throwing Knife. That way I could have a knife to throw with when those “knife-throwing” friends come around. The Beaver Bill knife is thick, and at about 15″ long, somewhat heavy. The larger knife definitely appeals to me more so than those little thin ones do.  The Beaver Bill Knife is made to conform generally to the rules for NMLRA competitions which encourage traditional “frontiersman” type knives. The NMLRA rules require holding the knife by the handle when throwing. I would not say it is impossible but rather  somewhat difficult to hold the Beaver Bill Knife by the Blade when making a throw due to its weight. This knife might not be the best choice if you are interested in doing “half-rotation” throws. I am having a lot of fun with this knife and have added it into my throwing “repertoire.” Now go out and throw some.

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