108 Feet 6 inch Tomahawk Throw!

This doesn’t look like much. In fact, it is not a very “pretty” stick, a lot of over rotation and the blade is on quite an angle. However, it is stuck in there! This is the result of my new personal best tomahawk throw for distance. This traveled 108 feet 6 inches while rotating 8 times before sticking in the target block. This was actually one of my New Years Resolutions, that being to break 100 feet in the tomahawk throw. I had my doubts for a while as I have been dealing with some impingement syndrome in my shoulder making it difficult to throw with my usual  straight overhead style. I had to shift to a slightly more side armed throw to take some pressure off my arm. Could be why that blade is at such an angle! Unfortunately, there is no video of this throw, but believe it or not, that is my story and I’m “sticking” to it! The ‘hawk I am using here is a “prototype”, special design collaboration between The TomahawkGuys and …. I can’t say much about it now but hope to be able to bring you more info on this incredible tomahawk within a month or so…