7 Rotation Tomahawk Throw

This short video features a 7 rotation tomahawk throw from around 97 feet away from the target.  I stuck it in the bottom target but I will still take it!! My motto is you can’t have too big of a target! Especially from that far away. Sorry for the poor video quality but it is better than nothing as my friend just happened to pull out his iPod Touch to capture this throw. I am just happy to be able to make this throw as my shoulder has been screwed up for awhile and it is painful to throw anything beyond a five rotation with my usual style. I like to throw with a very overhead motion as I feel it is more accurate. I had to move to a slightly more sidearmed style here to take some pressure off my shoulder. Since my arm is coming across my body it is more difficult to be accurate from these longer distances. I must’ve been in a groove that day as I stuck a 6 rotation on the throw right before this one.

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