TomahawkGuys Rookie of the Year?

Could this be the TomahawkGuys Rookie of the Year? This is my good friend Tracy whom I finally talked into coming to visit the TomahawkGuys Target Range. When he showed up he had no experience at all throwing a tomahawk. We showed him some basic techniques and helped him find the right distance to stand from the target and he went to town rapidly becoming proficient at sticking the ‘hawk! Not only at one rotation but also at two, three, and four. He then wanted to try five which he stuck in short order! Not being satisfied with that he moved back to a six rotation distance, somewhere in the 87 foot range. I told him that another friend accomplished a five on his first day but he could not get the six to stick after trying for a long time. Tracy, not being discouraged, started letting the ‘hawks fly. I was sitting on the side watching and after a few throws he zeroed in on the target and hit the block, but I could see that it was slightly over rotated having struck on the top. I told him that if he moved up 18 inches and threw another one exactly like he just did it would stick! I don’t know anyone who could throw 2 in a row from 87 feet exactly the same but never the less he let the ‘hawk loose and after a couple second flight,  THUD!! Right in the middle he sticks the 6r. A huge accomplishment for someone on their first day of throwing! As a side note he also manages to stick the double bit axe from 2 rotations on his first attempt!! I think he enjoyed himself that day.