Throwing the Axe at a Moving Target

That would be the “Genuine Norlund” Double-Bit Axe. This axe compliments my single bit boys axe that I have been throwing. I realize now that the main advantage of a double bit axe is that it has about a 200 degree stick radius! Of, course if you are in any “official” axe throwing competitions you are not allowed to stick the trailing edge but for casual fun why not! Soon after we started throwing the tomahawk at a moving target we naturally asked ourselves, “Why not the axe?” I found out this can be hazardous to the target though. One of my throws hit on the bottom edge of the target and blasted off a sizable chunk. The moving target is thinner and lighter than we use for our stationery targets. I will probably stick to tomahawks mostly but I had to give this a try.

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