Tomahawk Blade Thickness Comparison

Blade Thickness Comparison

I thought it might be interesting to compare the thickness of the blades of some different kinds of tomahawks. You can click on the picture above for a larger image. Throwing ‘hawks come in as many sizes as there are makers. Basically they will be close in the overall dimensions mostly to conform to established rules for throwing competitions which specify a blade that gives no more than a 4 inch cut. Other than that though anything goes. The biggest difference is the thickness of the blades which affects the weight of the ‘hawk. You can see from the picture above that there is a wide variety. Since, I am concerned only with throwing and sticking a ‘hawk I much prefer the thinner models. These just plain stick better! No way around it. They are also lighter which means throwing for distance with less fatigue in my shoulder. The TomahawkGuys have stuck ‘hawks at 7 or 8 rotations from 96 feet and 98 feet and all our long throws have been done with a Beaver Bill Thin Line model. If you want your ‘hawk to be a little more versatile and need to be able to do some chopping with it then a thicker model would be a better choice. I have used my Beaver Bill Premium model to chop large wild grape vines in the woods. If you are planning on doing any chopping then you would also want to make sure the ‘hawk has a heat treated or hardened blade. Many of the less expensive import models are softer steel. Even though the blades may be twice as thick the edge tends to not hold the sharpness as long or may even curl if you get it too sharp.

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