Deer-Antler Pipe Tomahawk Stand

Not only do we like to throw tomahawks here at but we appreciate the artistry and beauty that many fine pipe hawks exhibit. The same craftsmen that build our favorite throwing hawks often times build pipe hawks and other edge weapons too. I happen to have a very fine pipe hawk that was crafted by Beaver Bill. I had been keeping it in a gun case but I wanted a way to display it. I was inspired one day when noticed a chunk of a sassafras tree glowing in the sunlight. I had previously cut down this tree as it was dead and now noticed that the grain exhibited some nice “figuring” when the sun shone on it. It was “curly” sassafras! I thought I would slice off a piece of the log and sand it a bit to see if I could bring out the grain. It wasn’t the most “figured” piece of wood I have ever seen but still nice looking. I also had some deer antlers that we found in the woods and one was shaped like  a hand with three fingers. The antlers could hold the pipe hawk nicely without fear of it slipping out if positioned at the right angle. I drilled a couple holes through the wood and into the antlers and screwed them together. Here are some pics of the finished Deer-Antler stand with my 1760 French Pipe Hawk. You can pick up a ‘hawk like this over on Beaver Bill’s website. For the stand, well, you’re on your own.

Deer Antler Pipe Hawk Holder
Pipe Hawk on Display
1760 French Pipe Hawk Detail





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