Throwing Axe Rehabilitation


If you like to throw tomahawks as much as the TomahawkGuys like to throw them, you will sooner or later try throwing other things, especially axes! After seeing several very cool videos on the web featuring throwing axes I knew eventually I would try it out. There is an old tool shed on our “recreational” farm where my late Father stored many of his tools. I knew we had a few axes in there and now was the time to find out if any of them were good candidates for throwing. I found three old axes in there, two were standard size but one of them was a little smaller. I found out later that this one is what is called a “Boys Axe”. This one seemed perfect for throwing. It is about 2.5 pounds and the handle around 30 inches long. The other two were larger at 3.5 pounds and longer handles and just too heavy for throwing. You will notice that all the axe throwing videos on the web feature double-bit axes! Double-bit axes are cool and I would like to find one sometime but  you can only stick one side at a time so if all you have is a single-bit axe, use it. It did throw just fine and I was able to stick a few although the handle broke after just a few throws from being weakened with age but I knew I was on to something. The head was all pitted with rust but otherwise in good shape. I had a hard time finding a “Boys Axe” handle locally so I ordered one online from House Handle Co. Meanwhile I went to work on the head. I first used a wire wheel to clean the rust and dirt off then I used a Dremel Tool with a small grinder and cleaned off the rust from the blade end. I really liked the texture from the pits inthe metal so I just cleaned the surface and left the pits in there. I kinda’ “faded” the cleaned blade end into the still rusty poll end. I then used a buffing wheel attachment on the Dremel to give a little more shine to the bare metal parts. Overall it turned out just how I wanted it to. The new handle arrived and after installing the old rehabbed head, I have been putting it through it’s paces and am learning to throw the axe.

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