TomahawkGuys Trailer

Here is a fun video we did with a little work in iMovie. Night-Hawk’s daughter said we were goofy after she watched it. What can we say, goofy or not, we like to throw tomahawks and are trying to get the word out!


Throwing Game Variation

5 Targets

Here is a slight variation on the usual game we play with the TomahawkGuys paper targets. We normally set up just 2 targets on a block face, one for each thrower. Each would take 5 throws at the same target for a game. This method uses 5 targets and each competitor throws once at each target  for a game. We found it more difficult to get in a “zone” so to speak as we had to throw at different areas of the block to hit the targets.

Tomahawk Target Field Test

In the field

Night-Hawk had a great idea the other day. We were about to burn a small brush pile that had been setting around for a few years, only thing it was in a field rather far from our usual throwing range. He suggested that we take a portable stand and a target and set it up next to the fire, after all if we had to sit around and watch a fire for awhile, we might as well do some hawkin’! Like I said, great idea!!

The moment before impact