This is the bag I use to carry my ‘hawks in. One of those tool bag things I picked up at the hardware store. Sometimes I will have up to 10 ‘hawks in there at a time. Since this bag has canvas sides I knew that I needed something to put on the ‘hawk blades to protect the bag. I had previously picked up a leather sheath at a recent NMLRA shoot from a vendor but I wasn’t satisfied that this was my answer. It didn’t fit my ‘hawk very well and I needed at least 10 of them. Yes, I admit that a nice leather sheath fits in perfectly with the whole atmosphere of ‘hawk throwing and all that. In fact if you are going to be carrying one around on your belt or are a re-enactor then yes, get a nice leather sheath. However, my main gig is throwing and I needed something compact so it wouldn’t take any extra space in my bag, and it had to be cheap. The answer, “Sharp-Shields”. Very simple to make and inexpensive too. I picked up a 25’ roll of 1/4″ I.D. stiff plastic water tubing. It comes in a roll it and has a natural curve to it that matches the curve of the blade. I believe this roll cost me about $5 and is enough to cover more ‘hawk blades than I will ever have. I simply cut a section slightly longer than the blade with a razor knife then carefully slice through one wall length wise on the concave side with the same razor knife. Then I force each tip of a 10″ bungee cord through the ends. The bungees comes in a pack of ten or so for about $4. There you have it. Very low profile and cheap blade covers. Not as sexy as leather but does the exact job I need.