New Distance Record

Just a few weeks after “Night-Hawk” set a new distance record for the TomahawkGuys at 96′-3″ with a 7 rotation throw, I, “Bat-Hawk” surpassed that with my own 7 rotation throw from 98′. Amazing thing is that we both stuck the ‘hawk on our third attempts at the distance. That is one “heckuva” heave to get the tomahawk all the way down there to the target block. Too bad we don’t have video of these throws, we are going to try to get some video of all the different throws that we do one of these days. I do have a couple crumby snapshots of what the target block looks like from 98′ and closer shot of the hawk in the block from the 98’ throw. This block is a 33″ diameter piece of Tulip Poplar. And the ‘hawk is a BB Thin Line.

Target 98 feet away
Hawk “stick” from 7r at 98 feet
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