Stickin’ the hawk from 96 feet!

Actually that’s 96′ 3″. That’s right, Night-Hawk (aka Patrick) takes possession of the distance record with an incredible throw of 7 rotations at 96′ 3″. Trust me you have to put your whole body into that throw. He was using a Beaver Bill Thin-Line Tomahawk and nailed it to the target block on his 3rd attempt. He was progressing back from 1. 2, 3, etc rotations on the “old range” when he reached the natural limit of that range due to tree limb interference. On the 6 rotation throw we are under a lower tree and to throw a 6, clipping a small branch is not unusual. Well, because his step was working out to be a little farther back that day he felt he couldn’t get off the throw without major tree branch trimming. Just so happens that the week before we set up another “unlimited range” just over from the old one. We had yet to throw on that range so I (Bat-Hawk) encouraged him to move over there since there is really no limit to how far back you can throw from. Next thing you know this is the result. We hadn’t worked out the distances yet for that range so we were not sure of the rotations involved but we did know that it was further away than any other throw we had yet achieved. We measured it off at 96′ 3″ and still have yet to figure out the exact rotations being either 7 or 8. Where one stands to throw the tomahawk is highly dependent on a number of factors including personal technique, length of the handle and weight of the tomahawk head. So, if you are using a hawk that has a lighter head such as a Beaver Bill Thin Line, and a handle that has been shortened a couple inches (which I always do), you could be standing a few few feet closer that if you are using a BB Premium model, which is heavier, and a full length handle. Oh BTW, this is a 31″ sycamore target.

“Night-Hawk” happy with his 96′ stick
96′ from the target to “Night-Hawk”
Don’t hit Benny!
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