Night ‘Hawking

We thought a good way to test out the new Poplar target would be at night!! The Poplar targets are a lot lighter color than the Sycamore targets. This makes a big difference if we are throwing in the waning hours of evening especially if the targets are also in the shade. The Sycamore targets visually blend into the background where the Poplar targets have a lot more contrast and can be seen better as it gets dark. The ultimate test came the other day when we were at the TomahawkGuys “country” range when evening came upon us sooner than we were ready to quit. We got out the Coleman lantern and fired it up to see if we would be able to throw successfully by lantern light. We set the tomahawk bag in between the lantern and the throwing line to shield our eyes from the glare to preserve our night vision. With our eyes adjusted we were able to continue throwing well into the night!!


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